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Adolescent Treatment

Orthodontics for Teens & Preteens

Although early orthodontic consultation is ideal, sometimes it may not be an option. Between the ages of 11 and 15 is the most common for orthodontic treatment. Most teeth should be grown in by the age of 12, excluding special cases and wisdom teeth. Once all of the permanent teeth are developed, it is easier to identify issues that orthodontics can address. Some of these issues may include (but are not limited to) crooked teeth, gaps, and bad bites. It is very rare that any of these oral health issues correct themselves. During this time, most parents turn to orthodontics with concern for their children’s oral health.

Another benefit of adolescent orthodontic treatment is how common braces are with their peers at this stage of life. Since their friends have braces, your child will be more eager to undergo orthodontics and feel more comfortable with the appearance of braces. All of their friends are wearing braces, so they are excited to wear them. The older they get, braces may seem “uncool”, making them more hesitant and less willing to wear braces

In addition to fitting in with their friends, children experience a lot of growth spurts at this age, creating a huge advantage to shaping their bite and teeth properly. The older they get, the more effort it takes in adjusting their smile.

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